Friday, March 26, 2010


today someone told me that i have to struggle and i have to change my nature. this is not my world, so, i cant force my desirability to everyone. everyone have their ways to achieve their achievement. i have to realize that if i still think too much about other people that will kill my self.
i am stupid, but the valuable thing that i get today are, i know about my weaknesses and i know what i have to do for solve this problem. i have to change my nature, i have to be good person, keep my smile for everyone.
wish me luck

my idealism. .

you can see the straight way in front of you, and to achieve this way you need idealism in your life. everyone have idealism as their guide in their life. i build my idealism from senior high school, and i know that my idealism is my way and my way is my life. i will keep it as long as i can.
i have to struggle, today many think can be happen, i know i am not strong enough and i have to learn about life more and more. i realize that life is not easy, to be success many think that i have to do. .
maybe, i will start my effort from now, i build my stairs one by one. i hope by this way i can to achieve that straight way. wish me luck

my Blog. .

Today, i realize that i have to make some creation to develop my ability in writing. although its not my habit but i have to. because my girlfriend is the best in this kind of activity and i dont want to be a loser. .hehe
i'll do anything to be better than her. .she is the best but i am better than her. .hahaha

i think too much. .