Sunday, May 16, 2010

new life

There is no more time to be whine guy, there is also no more time to beef about my problem. I am sure that I can handle it, I am sure this is the way of destiny to make me becoming a real man. Time will answer whether I am wrong or not, and time also will prove anything. Many paths to be a success, success are not only in this suck school. I will prove it.
It is time to wake up, realize that many things that should I do. Even though many people try to kill me but I think they realize yet that what they do is useless. Hehehe. Say goodbye to the Dark Age, and welcome to new life. I love this world so much.

is me

Try to think the right path that I have to choose, when problem come that made many solutions. World is no longer beautiful like a dream, now I know that world is full of challenges. Depression made me cannot think wisely and sometime made me becoming a hopeless person. Many people hate me and many people try to kill my character in front of the other. Too many enemies in my life, they made new problem day by day. Every breath that I take is hurt me, and there is no one can help me. There is no one can exclude me from this suck world and there is no one who expects me. I feel lonely and feel like a useless person, is suck. .
I try to refresh my brain with do everything that can make me feels better but that is useless. Suddenly, she come and remains me that I am not alone and she said that she always with me. She also said that I have to struggle to challenge these challenges because of “man is not born but made”. Ok, I got it. I am a man and these challenges will made me becoming a real man. Thank you my dear. .

marginal people

This words remains me about song of mxpx, the title is marginal people. Feel lonely in the ado, no friend, and everyone kick me out in their life. In this world I am a marginal people. But, who scared? They think that I will die if they not besides me, they think that I am will be stupid if they not help me and they think if they marginalize me they will win to get anything what they want. They forgot about who am I.
Today I decide that I will avoid them, life among the hedonist people, and life among crafty people it’s hell to me. They do many things that can increase their position in the office and they do anything to prove that they are a good person in front of arbiter. I am afraid if this disease will infect to me. It is dangerous.