Friday, March 26, 2010


today someone told me that i have to struggle and i have to change my nature. this is not my world, so, i cant force my desirability to everyone. everyone have their ways to achieve their achievement. i have to realize that if i still think too much about other people that will kill my self.
i am stupid, but the valuable thing that i get today are, i know about my weaknesses and i know what i have to do for solve this problem. i have to change my nature, i have to be good person, keep my smile for everyone.
wish me luck


  1. ohh,, ini toh blog nya si shandy mahesya..
    yang katanya mau ngalahin pacarnya itu, kan? hahahahha.. :))

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  3. bwahahah ,, noh baca comment pacar lo.. :p
    yes ! you have to change your nature, coz your nature very very very bad.. eh, so am I ,dink...
    do your best, shandy mahesya
    *without "nyet"
    semoga masii bisa ktmu d smster 3 ..!!

  4. @ felis
    iy nih,i make this blog in order to learn so,i cannot bear down her in the short time. .hiks
    but i'll try. .hehehe
    @ novi
    heh mini monkey. .
    my nature is not bad but not good. .hahaha

  5. Salluut....... Commant allez vou???? ikutan nimberuung ah..... meramaikan coment2 yang udah ada..... aniversare monsoir shandy....

  6. liat komen nya febriyan.
    huahahahahha :))

    bahasa perancis mu itu lho.
    kayak orang lagi kumur-kumur.

    oh,, ini mana postingan baru nya shandy?

    hohohoh ~ ~ ~